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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Swynxs Game System

Lots of great things to go over today... starting with this post and then I'll post two others!

I found a link the other night to a blog listing a TON of links to contests and drawings for free stuff... I took some time, and I entered a bunch that sounded interesting.
There was one drawing for a Swinxs Gaming Console, which I had NEVER heard of, but at first sight it kind of reminded me of the Nintendo Wii, and I almost clicked away because I am NOT a Video Game advocate of any kind. My kids have a Vsmile, and that doesn't even get used often because I prefer my kids get outside, be active, have creative play, etc. We are ALL about the arts and crafts here in our house!

So anyway, I decided to read more about it, and it looked kinda interesting. This game console does NOT use a television! TV FREE GAME... what could be better than that? How about a game that can be played by up to TEN people... that's our ENTIRE family, PLUS 4 guests! Ideas are rolling now... Birthday parties? Holiday get togethers? SNOW DAYS! It sounded good, can be played indoors and out, plugs in to charge so it doesn't have to be plugged in to be used, even better... Comes pre loaded with 10 games and you can download others for FREE....! Seriously? How much better could this thing get! Then I looked at the price tag.. nearly $200... YIKES! No way I'm spending that much on a game no matter HOW cool it is...

Unfortunately I had already told hubby about it and the kids swarmed around the computer to check it out and both the boys were singing in chorus "MOMMY, CAN WE GET ONE?!?! MOMMY, CAN WE GET ONE?!?!?!" Over and over and over again, hehe... I told them it was really expensive and that I would enter the drawing, but if I didn't win it, I couldn't afford to buy one, so not to get their hopes up.

I logged in to my email this morning and found a CONGRATULATIONS email from Amy at MomAdvice.com saying "Congrats: Winner Of The Swinxs Game Console!"

I had to read it 3 times to make sure she was really saying that YES, I had WON the game console!

My kids are gonna be THRILLED when they open this on Christmas morning... and Hubby will probably kick himself for getting frustrated about the half our of family time I "wasted" on the computer entering drawings, hehe...

Ok, no, really, there's no excuse for being on the computer during family time, but it worked out ok in the end!

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