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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ocean State Job Lot: Inkjet Refill Kits for $3 Each

My printer ran out of black ink on me when I was printing some important papers for school, right after having a short week at work and paying a bunch of bills, so what was I to do? I certainly wasn't going to go out and spend almost $30 on a SINGLE color ink cartridge just so I could print some school work... no way.

We were on our way to Belfast that evening and I had to pickup a few odds and ends at Ocean State Job Lot (they had some good deals on their weekly internet coupons!) so while we were there I looked in their Office Supply aisle and found Single Color Inkjet Refill Kits for $3 each!!! I grabbed two black ones since my colored cartridge is fine and I wanted to make sure these worked ok before I bought too many.

It's been busy since I got these so I was JUST able to try them out today, and it worked! It took me awhile to find the holes to fill my cartridge since mine wasn't listed in the instructions, but once I peeled away the label on the top of the cartridge I found 5 holes. I filled the cartridge, let it set for a few minutes, then printed a test page and my black, while not super high quality, was back! It's good enough for printing school papers (for my own viewing) and coupons, so that's good enough for me! I just got my black ink for about 1/10th the normal cost!

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