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Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Super Cheap Christmas

Ok, so this year, we got frugal for Christmas!

Here's a rundown of what the kids are getting:

Boy #1 - 8 years old... LOVES Rocks and Crystals, has been begging since his birthday for a Crystal growing kit. I looked and looked but didn't see anything that looked worth buying.

What he's getting:
Boy #2 is our Artist, so at Ocean State Job Lot in Belfast, I found him these:
All together was $10.59!

Girl #1 I started months ago when I found some things at Ocean State Job Lot that I knew she would love. She's the family Princess, and is all about princesses and Tinkerbell, so here is her list:
  • Tinkerbell room freshener (you put fragrance cartridges in it and it's like those Glade ones and sends out a puff of fragrance every now and then) for $1.99!
  • Large Magnetic "Paper doll" - Cinderella - $10 at Family Dollar
  • Disney Princess plastic cookware - Walmart.com on Cyber Monday for $14 (Down from $18.99 I believe)
  • Elefun game - $1.99 from Goodwill, brand new, in the package.
  • Disney Princess Lip Balms - $0.49 each from Avon
  • Disney Precious Princess Collectible - Belle - For $15.99 using Amazon.com gift cards from Swagbucks.com

Girl #2 is still little so she was easy!
  • Munchkin Fun Ice Chewy Teethers from Amazon.com for $1.99 using gift cards from Swagbucks.com
  • Sassy - Baby Toy Value Bundle, 6-Piece (Pictured Above) from Walmart.com on Cyber Monday. $20.00 HUGE deal since the Mirror alone costs $15, and the other pieces are similarly priced!

All of the kids are getting a package of Socks because they all seem to have worn holes into the ones they have or have outgrown or lost them at the same time over the past few weeks! They are also getting these Virtual Pet Keychain's They are like a generic "Giga Pet" that came out years ago. I remember having a few and LOVED them, and I thought these would be a good alternative for Boy #2 because he desperately wants a pet, but we just aren't ready for that yet as a family.

The BIG gift for the year...!

A Swinxs Game Console... This thing is AWESOME... Sells for nearly $200 - We paid: NOTHING! I won it on a blog giveaway, and the kids are going to be THRILLED when they open that on Christmas morning!

Christmas this year has a value of over $400

And we have paid out of pocket: $79.44 before tax.

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